5 Habits You Always Do that Make You Unattractive

Take a look at these 5 habits you always do that make you unattractive and start changing them today!
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May 20, 2023
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Habit is something that we do over and over again without realizing it. Something as seemingly small as brushing your teeth every day becomes an action you perform over and over again.

Similarly, the habits you develop through living your life carry over into the aspects of your personal life that are most important to you. Also, you will probably do many things that make you appear attractive to others when you start in life.

But at some point, you will realize that those habits aren't going to help you attract the person of your dreams. Living in this world is a journey, and habits are some aspects of your trip.

Therefore, understanding your habits is key to becoming happy.

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1. Rarely smile

rarely smile will make you unattractive

Rarely smiling makes you unattractive to many people. Yet, smiling affects our moods, feelings, and even health.

Scientists from the University of Texas Medical Branch have found that smiling triggers parts of the brain associated with rewards, such as the ventral tegmental area (VTA), which is related to feelings of joy and reward.

Smiling often conveys a positive image to others and helps people connect with you. In addition, a study has revealed that smiling is contagious and can influence others to do the same.

2. Stay confined indoors

stay confined indoors will make you unattractive

We know that your safe place is your house. But this is not a reason for you to remain confined at home.

Do you know that staying confined indoors can actually make you unattractive to other people? Yes, that's true, and if you think that is just a joke, you are absolutely wrong.

Staying inside for long durations of time actually affects your looks, which can have serious effects on your self-esteem. Studies have shown that those who stay confined indoors don't come out looking as good as those who lead a normal lifestyle outside.

If you have been trapped inside for a prolonged time, chances are you will feel depressed, lonely, and probably quite stressed out is high.

It would be natural to seek refuge in your room or even at the nearby pub for warmth and comfort. But the downside of staying confined indoors is that you will start to withdraw from people.

You won't enjoy socializing with others because you will find speaking and interacting with them difficult. You might also start to fear that somebody might catch you or harm you.

3. Negative thinking

negative thinking will make you unattractive

Think positively, and you will develop positive feelings toward yourself and the people around you. Being a negative thinker will keep you from living up to your potential and could even hurt the things you wish for.

When you think negatively, your ideas about yourself become distorted. For example, you start to see yourself as less desirable than someone who is brighter, more energetic, more successful, etc.

This is why people try so hard to avoid thinking negatively. The solution is simple; become aware of how you strongly perceive yourself and then fix that perception.

It's easier said than done.

But negative thoughts can influence and derail us from what we intend to do, so it's advisable to be aware of the consequences of breaking free from negative thought patterns.

4. Rarely shower

rarely shower will make you unattractive

We shower because our bodies need water to survive, but rarely do we consider the effects on our looks. Unless you frequent hot baths or regularly soak in warm water, you may not have noticed that the way you look has changed.

Showering frequently not only helps keep your skin healthy, calm, and fresh, but it can help you boost your self-esteem as well.

Taking a shower often will show you have the resources to clean yourself and act with self-control. In addition, it makes you more attractive to the opposite sex.

5. Not punctual

not punctual will make you unattractive

Being a punctual woman means behaving like a person who cares about her time. Punctuality gives people the impression that you are a person who cares about getting things done.

Being punctual is attractive in itself. People like to see that you're on time and care about the amount of time you're taking. Punctuality may also manifest itself in various forms of personal conduct, which include being honest and conscientious.

Some people are criticized for being late because they lack incentives, so that's why you need to be punctual to be more attractive.

Once you replace your habits with new ones, you must remember to reward yourself for your success. It really doesn't have to be anything big.

Just a short trip to the gym, a change in the morning routine, or a trip to the library (all without purchasing something) will work.




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