6 Ways to Avoid Scratches on Your Eyeglasses

Scratched eyeglasses are very common, especially for those who are constantly on the go.
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March 23, 2023
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Eyeglasses are fragile pieces of equipment. Unfortunately, most people do not know how to avoid scratches on eyeglasses and take care of these glasses properly.

In fact, some people will throw away their scratched eyeglasses in a hurry just because they have so many spares of eyeglasses. However, this is not for most people that don't have money to buy new eyeglasses.

Plus, it is also not really advisable. However, if you do not have scratches on your eyeglasses yet and are worried about future accidents, there are ways to save your scratches your eyeglasses if you don't want to buy a new one.

We have selected six easy ways to avoid your eyeglasses from getting scratched, so you can use them until you have the money to buy the new one.


1. Ensure your glasses fit

make sure that your glasses are fitted properly for your face
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First, before anything else, you should always make sure that your eyeglasses are fitted properly for your face. Eyeglass manufacturers make thousands upon thousands of different styles and specs.

Still, only certain parts of your face will be made from each type of lens. So ensure that you ask your eyewear retailer what parts are made from which lens style and whether they can recommend a lens fitting service for your particular brand.

A lens fitting is very important, as your glasses may need to be returned and exchanged if they don't fit properly.

2. Clean it with a microfiber cloth

always clean your eyeglasses
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The next step is to make sure that you take care of your eyeglasses. Using a damp cloth while cleaning glass means protecting the inner surface of the glass. It is important not to damage the inner surface.

You should never use a hard substance on the glass. If you drop your eyeglasses and are not damaged, you should clean them immediately and avoid letting them soak into the dirt and grime.

Keep them clean, and your eyeglasses should last you a long time.

3. Use quality glass cleaner

use quality eyeglass cleaner
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There are plenty of glass cleaner products on the market today, but one that works well is a small black spray bottle using rubbing alcohol.

Spray some to your eyeglasses, let them for a few minutes, and wipe clean down with a soft cotton cloth.

This type of protector is inexpensive and easy to use, so there's really no excuse to protect your eyewear.


4. Avoid too much squinting

avoid too much squinting
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Another way of preventing your eyeglasses from scratching is by avoiding squinting. It may seem like an odd question, but really, squinting can damage your eyeglasses.

So if you have trouble seeing well in the mornings, try to avoid getting yourself into this type of frame of mind.

Instead, try to keep your eyes as open and relaxed as possible to keep the pressure off of your eyeglasses.

5. Keep it away from moisture area

keep away from moisture area
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It would be best if you never kept your eyeglasses in places where there is moisture. If they are kept in humid rooms or areas where you tend to sweat a lot, scratches can easily set in.

For how to remove scratches from eyeglasses that have been kept in hotel rooms, you can use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol.

However, it would be best if you always tried to wipe them with a soft cotton cloth. If you use a scratch remover with alcohol on them, you could end up damaging your eyes.

6. Don't wear it while doing an extreme activity

don't wear it while doing extreme activity

Wearing your eyeglasses while doing extreme activities is not advisable. So make sure not to wear it when taking part in those activities.

But if you really have a high amount of power on your glasses lens, then be careful while wearing it.

If not, it can cause serious damages to your eyeglasses, thus forcing you to buy a new one even you don't have enough money.

Now that you know how to avoid scratches on your eyeglasses, you should try to buy only those designed to be resistant to impact. These days, lots of eyeglass frames manufacturers include an anti-glare coating on their products.

If you're unsure whether or not your eyeglasses have this coating, look at the product label or consult an eye doctor. Remember that you always have the option to purchase eyeglasses that aren't coated.




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