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March 23, 2023
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Back-to-school is coming again, so we make this article for you in case you guys forgot to buy your or your kid’s school stuff. As a parent, preparing a back-to-school supplies list that you must have for your child can be daunting.

You want to be sure that you get the best supplies possible to ensure their safety and the ability to learn in an organized manner. The following is a list of some of the items you will need as supplies for your child’s education.


Must-have items

These are the items that are important for you to have at school soon. Let's see what they are.

1. Backpack

jansport superbreak one backpack galaxy color

JanSport SuperBreak One Backpack

The SuperBreak One backpack from JanSport is a durable, convenient bag for everyday use. It's perfect for students who need a bookbag that can hold plenty of books and also keep their things safe.

The main compartment has a deep front pocket with a built-in organizer and features a side water bottle pocket to help you stay hydrated on the go. Its imported polyester lining keeps your belongings safe from spills, and its zipper closure ensures your belongings are secure while you're on the go.

Their SuperBreak One backpack comes with a lifetime warranty to ensure that it lasts through any adventure! If you want to find out more about.

The best alternatives:


2. Pencil pouch

easthill big capacity pencil case canvas high large storage pouch marker pen case simple stationery bag school college office organizer for teens girls adults student black dots

EASTHILL Big Capacity Pencil Case Canvas High Large Storage Pouch

The EASTHILL Large Capacity Canvas Pencil Case is perfect for carrying pens, pencils, markers, and more. This large-capacity pencil case features a durable canvas outer that allows you to store 50+ items inside of it.

It also features an easy-to-view compartment to keep your important small things in, such as tickets, business cards, and notes. It opens sideways so you can easily access your items without opening the whole case.

This product is made out of 100% brand-new linen material that is sturdy and durable.

The best alternatives:

3. Ballpoint pen

bic ballpoint pen assorted colors 60 pack

BIC Ballpoint Pen, Assorted Colors, 60 Pack

Make writing a breeze with this BIC Round Stic Xtra Life Ballpoint Pen. This ballpoint pen has a flexible round barrel that fits snugly in your hand for hours of comfortable writing.

The frosted cap and translucent barrel give the pen a sleek look while keeping the ink supply visible so you can see at a glance how much ink is left. Available in black, blue, or red ink.

With an average of 90% longer writing performance than Papermate Inkjoy 100 Ball Stic Stick Pen, this BIC pen will give you months of use between refills!

The best alternatives:

4. Ruler

eboot 2 pack plastic ruler straight ruler plastic measuring tool

EBOOT 2 Pack Plastic Ruler Straight Ruler Plastic Measuring Tool

The EBOOT 2-Pack Plastic Ruler is made of high-quality plastic. It's a dual-side measuring ruler, with a centimeter scale on one edge and an inch scale on the other edge.

They are made of thick plastic, sturdy and durable in use. Transparent color allows for a clear view of markings on the page.

This ruler is very useful for students, designers, architects, engineers, etc.

The best alternatives:


5. Pencil sharpener

bostitch quietsharp 6 heavy duty classroom electric pencil sharpener

BOSTITCH QuietSharp 6 Heavy Duty Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener

The Bostitch's Quietsharp 6 is one of the sharpeners to be designed with students in mind. Their sharpener will sharpen your pencil from new to pointed in under 4 seconds and will keep it sharp longer!

Their exclusive QuietPro™ 6 Technology has an extra hardened helical cutter that extends the life of your lead without dulling. Plus, it's quieter than other typical models!

There is no other brand on the market that can match the value of their product line, backed with their 7-year warranty if you buy this sharpener.

Get your school year started on the right foot with this top-of-the-line electric pencil sharpener.

The best alternatives:

6. Pastel scissors

westcott 5-inch blunt scissors for kids with anti-microbial protection

WESTCOTT 5’’ Blunt Scissors For Kids With Anti-Microbial Protection

These Westcott 5'' Blunt Scissors are the perfect choice for a young child who is starting to learn how to cut. They are made with ultra-durable stainless steel blades and molded, symmetrical handles so that either hand can use them comfortably.

In addition, the handles are infused with antimicrobial protection to inhibit the growth of bacterial odors. As a result, these scissors are perfect for small children and even toddlers who love playing with scissors.

They come in various bright colors that will match any kid's clothing or even their favorite paints or markers! Also, these scissors also come with an extensive manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty.

The best alternatives:

7. Exercise book

scholdeners cursive handwriting workbook for kids

SCHOLDENERS Cursive Handwriting Workbook for Kids

This children's handwriting workbook is the ultimate way to teach your young one cursive writing. The workbook features fun activities to improve penmanship, including tracing and copying letters of the alphabet by writing a selection of simple and complex sentences.

This educational tool will provide years of enjoyment for your child and help them feel proud when writing their name!

Note: This book is written for kids aged 3-12, but it's great fun for anyone who loves learning new skills or just wants to have some fun. It's also perfect for parents as a way to bond with their children! There are many benefits of learning cursive.


8. Protractor

mr. pen geometry set with 15 piece set

MR. PEN Geometry Set with 15-Piece Set

Geometry is a branch of mathematics that studies shapes and their properties. Also, geometry has applications in many fields, including art, architecture, physics, engineering, computing, and more.

MR. PEN Geometry set includes 15 pieces, including a compass, ruler, and protractor. In addition, this geometry set has 2 HB pencils for visibility and a reusable pouch to store all the small pieces that fall out of other brands' collections.

Also, MR. PEN's geometry sets are designed for all levels - from beginners to experts!

The best alternatives:

9. Scientific calculator


Sharp EL501X2BWH Engineering/Scientific Calculator

The Sharp EL501X2BWH is an engineering and scientific calculator that has been tested and proven to work well by students, in pre-algebra, algebra, and trigonometry.

The large display of this calculator makes it easy to view numbers as you type. In addition, this calculator has ten digits on one line for easy viewing when completing calculations.

Lastly, It has a protective hardcover that prevents scratches and dings from occurring to this high-quality calculator. Whether you are a student, grade schooler, or college student, this calculator will prove to be a valuable addition to your collection of math tools.

The best alternatives:

10. Ring-binder notebook

five star flex hybrid notebinder

FIVE STAR Flex Hybrid NoteBinder

The Five Star Flex is a hybrid notebook/binder that can use in four different ways. Set up like a binder, it has durable rings to hold papers together and the ability to lay flat.

With its front cover that folds over, this book offers a sturdy surface to take notes and stand up to everyday wear and tear by students.

These innovative patented TechLock rings will not break or misalign. In addition, it comes with 300 sheets of paper that lie flat inside the binder, so students have a place to write.

The best alternatives:


11. Water bottle

fimibuke 32 oz motivational water bottle with time marker & straw

FIMIBUKE 32 oz Motivational Water Bottle with Time Marker & Straw

The FIMIBUKE 32 oz Motivational Water Bottle with Time Marker & Straw is a great motivational tool for both men and women. This water bottle is designed with inspirational quotes and a translucent appearance.

Also, this water bottle makes a commendable gift to yourself or your loved ones. It features pop-up silicone straw and a wide-mouth opening that is easy to fill with ice cubes and fruits.

In addition, this water bottle keeps your teeth protected against bacteria growth from harmful acids while drinking. The best part is that it can be used as a sports bottle or just to keep your body hydrated every day. So what are you waiting for? Just grab one now?

The best alternatives:

12. Pastel highlighter

zeyar highlighter, water-based, quick dry (6 macaron-like pastel colors)

ZEYAR Highlighter, Water-Based, Quick Dry (6 Macaron-Like Pastel Colors)

The ZEYAR highlighter is water-based, non-toxic ink which can write on with no shadow on the next page. It has six beautiful colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. The short and wide body can fit well into your pocket and is easy to hold.

These highlighters feature instant drying properties that make them long-lasting and ideal for all types of paper. It is perfect for students, teachers, and professors who use highlighters frequently.

The best alternatives:

13. Stapler

yansanido mini portable cute panda desktop stapler set

YANSANIDO Mini Portable Cute Panda Desktop Stapler Set

This cute panda desktop stapler set is perfect for anyone looking to start off their own little office. This adorable desktop staples up to 12 sheets of paper with its handy staple remover and is great for school, home, office, or travel.

This stapler is made of high-quality materials, and it is lightweight but durable enough to take anywhere you go. A great decoration for your desktop or correspondence!

The best alternatives:


14. Colorful index card

oxford neon index cards (100 per pack)

OXFORD Neon Index Cards (100 Per Pack)

The Oxford Neon Index Cards, available in a pack of 100, are great for organizing your thoughts and getting prepared for a presentation.

Use them to conduct a brainstorming session to get ideas flowing. Attributes include Perforated edge for easy removal; Color coding boxes for specific rooms, and labeling the contents on each card.

Organize your thoughts through a visual brainstorm, conduct a strategic planning session, or plan a DIY home project.

The best alternatives:

15. Permanent marker

adaxi 40 colors art marker set

ADAXI 40 Colors Art Marker Set

ADAXI markers are ideal for home, office, and teaching. The marker features a color coding cap with 40 colors to mix into one another.

This set of 40 different colors of high-quality and durable markers comes with a black carrying bag. These produce a smooth and bold color that is easy to mix.

In addition, they have a better outer casing to prevent breaking in and out and no drying at all after use. So if you love arts and crafts or just like coloring books, this is perfect for you!

The best alternatives:

16. Subjective dividers

pendaflex two-tone color file folders (4-color)

PENDAFLEX Two-Tone Color File Folders (4-Color)

The Pendaflex Two-Tone Color File Folders are designed for flexibility in labeling and retrieval. These folders are the ultimate combination of form and function.

Also, it has colorful two-tone folders made of lightweight and durable polypropylene material. It features an easy open-close action, self-stick closure, long-lasting bind integrity on the front cover, and solid back hide.

The color coding makes it easy to file items in separate categories or by letter or number. Pendaflex folders are available in various colors that allow you to immediately spot the right file through color association with a speedy filing time.

They also provide easy removal of contents when needed by sliding the contents out from the front cover area.

The best alternatives:


17. Lunch box

bentgo kids chill lunch box

BENTGO Kids Chill Lunch Box

The BENTGO Kids Chill Lunch Box is the perfect solution for your child's lunch box. It has four compartments that keep food separated, a unique lid that is perfectly contoured to each container, and drop-proof rubber-coated edges.

And with our easy clean-up and microwaveable containers, we've made mealtime less of a hassle.

From school to sports practice and everywhere in between, this lunch box will help all kids pack healthy meals on the go!

The best alternatives:

Additional items


1. Hand Sanitizer

crayola hand sanitizer for kids, 8-pack antibacterial gel bottles

CRAYOLA Hand Sanitizer for Kids, 8-Pack Antibacterial Gel Bottles

This 8-pack of Crayola Hand Sanitizer for Kids is the ideal way to protect your little ones from germy germs while they explore the world around them.

With cool-looking squeezable bottles that look just like their favorite crayons, these sanitizers dissolve quickly in your child's palm and don't leave any sticky residue or film behind.

They come in cool colors and feature silicon protector holders so you can hook them to a backpack, keychain, or similar to keep them close by.

The best alternatives for the Hand Sanitizer Holder:

2. Keychain & Hand Sanitizer Holder

5 dual-sided hand sanitizer keychain holder & keychain chapstick holder

5 Dual-Sided Hand Sanitizer Keychain Holder & Keychain Chapstick Holder

This new line of Dual-Sided Hand Sanitizer Keychain Holder and Keychain Chapstick Holders has been designed with one purpose in mind: to make it easier to keep your hand sanitizer and other must-have essentials with you when you need them.

Made from waterproof neoprene and featuring a leather divider so that you can keep things separated, this holder is ready for action wherever your day takes you.

Available in five bright and colorful colors to match almost any style preference, these 5pcs of hand sanitizer holders are small yet very helpful! A perfect companion for anyone who is looking to stay healthy while socializing at school!

The best alternatives for the Hand Sanitizer Holder:

3. Portable umbrella

repel umbrella windproof portable umbrella

REPEL UMBRELLA Windproof Portable Umbrella

The REPEL UMBRELLA is windproof, water-resistant, and easy to carry. Made of highly flexible yet durable polyester fabric reinforced with fiberglass rods, it opens and closes effortlessly using just one hand.

So now you can stay dry in the rain or close your umbrella quickly and easily when coming indoors after a brief shower.

This umbrella also features reinforced ribs that flex slightly to withstand powerful gusts without turning inside out.

The best alternatives:

4. Pocket tissue and hand wipes

lysol disinfecting wipes, lemon and lime blossom, 320ct (4x80ct)

LYSOL Disinfecting Wipes, Lemon & Lime Blossom, 320ct (4x80ct)

These lemon & lime scented disinfecting wipes are perfect for touch-up cleaning. Each wipe-scented cleaning and disinfecting wipe kills cold and flu viruses help stop the spread of germs and is even suitable for use on wood.

With a clean scent that is not overpowering and a refreshing citrus scent, these wipes will leave your home smelling great while keeping it bacteria-free and virus-free.

Lysol Wipes are also approved to remove more than 95% of allergens. In addition, these multi-purpose cleaning wipes come in a reusable box, making them easy to store until you need them again.

The best alternatives for Pocket Tissue and Hand Wipes:

By following the above guide, we are sure it helps you or your kids. Even if it helps a little bit, we are glad if it helps you.  

Also, use the school supplies list you create for this year’s school year to remind you what you need to bring to school.

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