23 Habits That Make You Less Attractive

Let’s see and shake off these ugly norms!
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September 17, 2023
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We all make blunders now and then that drive people away. Certain behaviors provoke, while others attract. Psychology tells us both appearance and personality impact how appealing you seem.

Your habits can turn folks off as much as your face. Though nobody's perfect, some traits constantly make you seem unattractive.

Everyone complains or interrupts occasionally, but other repeated actions deeply repel.

If you want to draw in beautiful people and improve your dating life, you must identify and break these cycles.

Some reflect poorly on your character, while others erode physical looks over time.

But don't lose hope. Many can evolve with awareness and effort. The first step is recognizing which habits to avoid.

The second is adopting healthier traits and behaviors. With discipline, you can become more alluring.

The journey begins when you decisively break bad patterns.

Read on below to uncover some of the many habits that make you less attractive, and how to modify them.

With work, you'll go a long way toward being more likable, trustable, and lean.


How to Identify Bad Habits That Ruin Your Life?

How to Identify Bad Habits that Ruin Your Life
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We all have behaviors that provoke problems. Bad habits manifest in small ways, then avalanche through daily life.

Psychology says our actions stem from past rewards. We repeat what brought pleasure or eased pain.

This programmed behavior drives us without thinking. Soon we don't even notice the patterns running our lives.

How can you spot damaging routines before they control you? It starts with self-awareness. Observe your typical day and be brutally honest.

  • What habits crop up constantly?
  • Do you reach for snacks when stressed?
  • Smoke or drink as soon as the workday ends?
  • Blow off exercise for an extra hour of screen time?

Any behavior that brings relief or joy can morph into a coping mechanism. The line between habit and addiction blurs quietly.

Don't despair if you spot dangerous patterns. While habits form subconsciously, you can consciously modify them.

By identifying unhealthy behaviors early, you can interrupt the cycle before it sabotages daily life.

With diligence and alternate coping tools, you can retrain your brain's reward system. It just takes mindset shifts and consistent effort to build healthy rituals.

You have the power to alter habits and transform your life.


The Bad Habits That Make You Less Attractive

Here are some of the most common bad habits that can make you look very ugly and less attractive: 

Whining and complaining

Whining and complaining
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Nobody finds perpetual complainers and whiners attractive. They exude neediness and a victim mindset.

Simply put, whining is never the natural reaction of happy people who lead fulfilling lives.

We all face problems, yet how we respond and choose to frame those problems determines the quality of our existence.

Instead of complaining about issues, truly empowered people take ownership, learn from difficulties, and persevere towards real solutions.

They operate from a space of responsibility rather than entitlement.

Constant whining poisons your mindset and pushes people away. It breeds resentment, envy, and bitterness that eats away at your happiness.

Complaining projects weakness rather than quiet, resilient strength. So cut out the whining. Face challenges with optimism, curiosity, and determination.

You cannot control everything that happens, yet you can control how you respond. Your power resides in your response.

Embrace reality as it unfolds. Deal with uncomfortable emotions rather than avoiding them through complaining and projection. View life's obstacles as opportunities to learn and improve.

Adopt a solutions-focused mindset, take action and keep going. Remain open, patient and persistent. Let go of expectations.

Progress takes time, so stay focused on the journey and keep moving forward one step at a time. You alone get to decide your outlook on life.


Bailing out on plans

Bailing out On Plans
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Flaking out on arrangements previously settled can really tick folks off.

When you commit to hanging with companions, going to a party, or meeting up for supper and afterward drop out last minute, it sends the message your word doesn't mean much.

Individuals will begin seeing you as flighty and unreliable. They'll be more reluctant to coordinate plans with you, realizing you may just withdraw at the last possible second.

Also, those amigo connections can take a major hit.

Making plans feels great — it's something fun to anticipate. Be that as it may, when the time really comes around to follow through, uneasiness can set in.

Perhaps you end up not feeling social or remaining in and watching Netflix sounds more engaging than going out. That is totally reasonable incidentally.

In any case, don't make it a propensity to continually withdraw from plans. Recollect that your companions are depending on you to appear.

On the off chance that you are feeling anxious over a forthcoming plan or simply don't feel able going out, have a go at advising your companions ahead of time.

Let them know you're feeling somewhat overpowered and that you will not have the option to go along with them.

Try not to hold up until the latest possible time to drop this bomb.

The prior you tell companions you can't make it, the more plausible they can discover an elective plan or welcome another person.

Simply try not to drop out a minute ago except if totally fundamental. That is the snappiest method for dismissing companions.


Being rude to waiters

Being Rude to Waiters
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Being rude to servers shows a lack of class and empathy.

Folks acting high and mighty when the waitstaff brings the entree even though it's not their fault the kitchen is backed up.

Getting demanding and hollerin for more bread cause you already scarfed down the first basket.

Complaining the order is all wrong when you didn't properly convey what you wanted in the first place.

Acting like you better than the hard workers bringing you drinks and meals. You ain't.

Fact is, you just as human as them. Ain't no reason to treat someone serving you with disrespect. How you act tells more about you than them.

Next time you feel like fussing over slow service or something not perfect, take a breath. Remember they dealing with all types a day and you ain't special.

Have some understanding how hectic it is. Say please and thank you. Leave a nice tip. It cost nada to not be a jerk.


Not being willing to try something new

Not Being Willing to Try Something New
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Stepping outside your comfort zone can be scary, real talk. But letting fear stop you from expanding your horizons will only make your world smaller.

Sure, sticking with what you know feels safe and easy. Yet life's an adventure, ya know?

If you never dare to try that funky food truck downtown or sign up for those art classes, you'll miss out on discovering talents and passions.

We mean, you do you. Still, giving new things a chance could unlock joy. Some risks flop hard, no doubt. Others though open up amazing fresh chapters.

So be brave, dwellers! Push past the nerves, get hyped about the unknown. One bold leap at a time, taste undiscovered experiences. You've got this.


Getting too defensive

Getting Too Defensive
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Listen up, people. Getting overly defensive makes you seem insecure. Instead of flipping out when criticized, take a breath.

Hear them out, even if their words sting. Maybe they're onto something real, or maybe not. Either way, staying chill paints confidence.

Don't just react — reflect. Ask yourself, "Why am I catching feelings right now?" Consider you could misread tones. Benefit of the doubt, right?

If frustration flows, express it calmly. Explain your side respectfully. Arguments happen but don't have to be fights. Staying cool-headed in conflicts earns mad respect.

It says "I'm secure enough in myself to take feedback." Remember, defensiveness protects egos, not hearts. You got this, dwellers.

Meet critiques with empathy first, anger last. Kill them with understanding, not attacks.


Lacking sensitivity

Lacking Sensitivity
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Being insensitive and oblivious to the feelings of others is a major turn-off. You come across as self-centered or just plain mean. This behavior includes:

  • making insensitive comments
  • crack offensive jokes
  • lack empathy when someone is hurt or struggling
  • pointing out someone's weight gain
  • laughing about someone's misfortune
  • dismissing someone's feelings as silly or stupid

People crave kindness, thoughtfulness, and emotional intelligence in relationships. Work on tuning into how your words and actions make others feel.

Pay attention and be present. Put yourself in their shoes. And hold your tongue rather than making that "funny" but hurtful remark.

People will be drawn to your warmth, care, and emotional depth if you lead with sensitivity.


Being hot-tempered 24/7

Being Hot Tempered
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Girl, that short fuse of yours is straight-up wack and so not a good look. Getting heated over every little thing will make you seem insecure and unable to handle life's annoyances.

Chill out and don't let trivial BS turn you into a fire-breathing dragon lady. Anger management can help you cope instead of blowing your top when crap hits the fan.

Take a time out, breathe deep, and walk away rather than ranting nonstop. You'll gain respect and look confident AF when you stay cool as a cucumber.

Losing your marbles whenever makes folks see you as unstable or psycho. Dial back the 'tude before you self-sabotage relationships and opportunities. Monitor that temper, queen, so you can slay without scaring folks off.


Checking your phone thousand times

Checking Your Phone Thousand Times
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Constantly checking your phone can definitely make you seem less attentive and present in social situations.

We get it — our phones provide a quick escape and rush of dopamine with every new notification.

However, being glued to your phone gives off the impression that you're uninterested in interacting with the actual people right in front of your face.

Next time you catch yourself compulsively grabbing your phone at dinner, the movies, or during an important conversation, consider putting it away for a while.

You might find it leads to deeper connections and more meaningful interactions.

Plus, you'll avoid the annoying habit of checking your phone thousand times in a single day, which is never a good look.

Give it a try — your friendships and romantic prospects will thank you!


Always ruining other people's relationships

Always Ruining Other Peoples Relationships
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Ladies, we're sure we've all been tempted at some point. He's cute, funny, sweet — basically perfect. The only problem? He has a girlfriend already.

It can be so easy to justify it: "Well if he was really happy he wouldn't be flirting with me!" Sure Jan.

Let's be real though, inserting yourself into someone else's relationship hardly ever turns out well.

Either he ghosts you both, you become the side chick, or you "win" him just for him to pull the same BS on you later.

Dating is hard but creating drama will only leave you alone and full of regret. If you're crushing on a taken guy, keep that mess to yourself.

Delete his number, stop the late night chats. Respect his relationship and move on to find an available match who gives you their full attention.

You deserve so much better than leftovers!


Telling white lies

Telling White Lies
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Sometimes we fib just a teensy little bit to spare someone's feelings or avoid an awkward situation.

But telling even seemingly harmless white lies too often can make you appear shifty and untrustworthy.

Plus, when you're constantly bending the truth, even in small ways, it becomes a habit that's tough to break. Instead of this, try being tactful but honest.

You can gently deliver difficult truths without totally crushing someone. And owning up to mistakes, even minor ones, demonstrates integrity.

Occasionally glossing over minor details to keep the peace is one thing. But regularly twisting facts ultimately undermines relationships built on trust and respect.

So next time a little white lie seems harmless, pause and consider if there's a way to be sincere but kind. Your reputation and conscience will thank you.


Drinking too much alcohol

Drinking Too Much Alcohol
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Hitting the bottle a bit too hard can be a major turn-off. Getting sloppy drunk never impressed anyone, and it ain't a good look.

Not only can overdoing it on the booze lead to bad decisions and embarrassing behavior, but it also takes a toll on your appearance — bloodshot eyes, puffy face, and even those nasty hangovers that leave you looking like death warmed over.

Moderation is key if you want to avoid sabotaging your attractiveness.

While having a few cocktails can loosen up the mood, going overboard will make you seem reckless or immature.

It's all about balance — know your limits, pace yourself, and drink some water between libations.

You don't have to be a teetotaler, but learning to control your alcohol intake will keep you savvy, classy, and appealing to those around you.


Moving on too fast

Moving on Too Fast
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Bouncing back quickly from a breakup may seem empowering, but diving headfirst into another relationship can backfire big time.

Rebounding leaves you zero time for self-reflection or healing, so unresolved baggage gets dragged along into the next thing.

Desperately distracting yourself with a new boo often stems from avoidance and fear of being alone.

Slowing down allows you to get in touch with yourself, process the old relationship, and enter the next one with clarity instead of confusion.

Rather than numbing your feelings with constant motion, let them wash over you so you can integrate the lessons.

A thoughtful pause grants perspective on patterns of behavior to break. When ready, your heart will open even wider. Rushing closes it off.


Being negative all-day

Being Negative All Day
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Constant negativity really saps your allure. It's totally a bummer when someone's always raining on every parade or peeing in the Cheerios.

We all have bad days sometimes, but some people tend to see the glass as half empty even when it's full to the brim.

They always focus on what's wrong instead of looking on the bright side. Being around that kind of attitude 24/7 makes people not want to be around you at all.

It brings everyone down and kills the vibe. People are drawn to positive energy, smiles, and laughter — not constant complaints, criticism and pessimism.

Lighten up a little! Don't sweat the small stuff so much! Try to see the good in life and in others. Spread more joy. It will come back to you in spades.


Heavy smoking

Heavy Smoking
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Smoking cigarettes excessively does horrors for both your outward appearance and inward health — regardless of what the sly cigarette companies may want you to think with their glossy ads full of vital sexy people getting their nicotine fix.

Years of sucking carcinogens into the lungs do blacken your fingernails, stain teeth yellow, cause premature wrinkles around the lips (from puckering), and make clothing reek of stale tobacco stench.

Besides that, COPD, lung cancer, and emphysema also lurk in the future of those who choose to smoke too much.

We all have our vices, but lighting up too frequently can make someone seem weathered, raspy-voiced and just plain unhealthy even if their face and body still looks hot enough to hit the club scene at the current moment.

So monitor your smoking habits if you want to stay attractive inside and out as the years go by!


Asking stupid questions

Asking Stupid Questions
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Everybody asks foolish questions sometimes.

Inquisitive people by nature, we as human beings want to understand the world around us, even when our curiosity leads us to ask silly things.

Questions that may seem dumb or unnecessary to others often stem from our simple desire to learn.

Yet asking too many absurd questions, especially as an adult, can make you appear less intelligent and self-sufficient.

This habit might also annoy others who must constantly field your absurd inquiries.

To avoid asking foolish questions, first consider whether you genuinely need more information.

Could you possibly answer the question yourself with a little thought or research?

If the query seems unnecessary, save it for a more appropriate time when your curiosity outweighs the awkwardness.

Furthermore, think carefully about your audience before posing a potentially stupid question. Some patient people gladly address our queries.

Others, however, lack the time or inclination for constant questions. Ask only truly important questions of busy or impatient folks.

You might also run potentially foolish questions by a close friend first. They can tell you if the query seems absurd or unnecessary.

With some restraint and forethought, you can satisfy your curiosity without constantly asking stupid questions.


Forgetting people’s names

Forgetting Peoples Names't remember people's names
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Forgetting people' names is a habit that can totally make you seem less attractive, ya know?

It's like, when you meet someone new and they're all excited to get to know you, but then you go and forget their name immediately. Uber awkward.

People feel special when you remember their name, but when you don't, it's a major bummer and they probably think you don't care enough to commit it to memory.

It ain't rocket science to recall monikers if you just focus for a sec when you first hear it. So be a dear and make an effort, will ya?

It takes two seconds to lock a name into your brain if you repeat it once or twice right after introduction.

Small habits like that make a big difference in how charming someone perceives you to be.

Just put in a teensy bit of effort to memorize names, and people will find you far more captivating.


You interrupt them when they speak

You Interrupt Them when They Speak
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Interrupting others mid-conversation ain't cool, gurl.

You may think your thoughts are soooo important they just can't wait, but by cutting people off mid-story you're really saying their words don't matter. Not a good look.

Instead, practice active listening — make eye contact, nod along, and ask follow-up questions. Make the other person feel heard.

And if you simply must interject? First, apologize for interrupting, then make your point quickly without hijacking the whole dang convo.

Being respectful and letting others speak their piece makes you way more approachable. Ya dig?


You're always indecisive

You Are Always Indecisive
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Indecisiveness might just be the most frustrating and unattractive trait out there.

Truly, nothing turns people off faster than someone who can never make up their mind.

It gets old real quick when a person constantly waffles back and forth, weighing endless pros and cons but never landing on a choice.

And in the dating world? Don't even get us started. An indecisive partner will have you wanting to pull out your hair.

Can't pick a restaurant, can't decide on weekend plans, can't even figure out what movie to watch — it's beyond exhausting.

A little occasional indecision is normal, but if you're always paralyzed by uncertainty and incapable of making choices, it becomes a roadblock to a healthy relationship.

At a certain point you just have to trust your gut and go for it. Because you know what's less attractive than being indecisive? Being chronically indecisive.

That's a bad look on anyone.


Stress can make you ugly, according to research

Stress Can Make You Ugly According to Research
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Chronic stress might just be one of the most insidious things secretly sabotaging your looks.

We know, we know — it's not like any of us are actively trying to pile more stress onto our already overflowing plates. Yet somehow that's exactly what happens.

Stress from work, relationships, money, family, health — you name it — creeps up slowly and before you know it you're basically a walking ball of tension.

But what does that have to do with physical appearance, you ask? Well according to this research, quite a lot actually.

See, when you're stressed your body produces more of the hormone cortisol.

While cortisol helps you deal in the short term, over time elevated levels cause all sorts of fun stuff like increased abdominal fat, skin inflammation, collagen breakdown, and even hair loss.

So basically chronic stress makes you gain weight, damages your skin, and thins your hair. Not exactly a recipe for looking your best!

The takeaway?

While totally eliminating stress isn't realistic, making self-care and stress management a priority can go a long way toward mitigating some of these not-so-attractive effects.

Even small things like taking time to meditate, keeping active, getting enough sleep, and eating a healthy diet can help offset high-stress levels.

Because let's be honest — a bad day at work isn't worth looking haggard AF.



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Pessimism can totally make you less attractive, ladies.

It's like, when you're always looking at the dark side of things and expecting the worst, it shows on your face and in your vibe. Not cute.

Being negative and focusing on what could go wrong prevents you from fully experiencing life's awesomeness. You get stuck in this bad mood rut.

Dwelling on problems that may not even happen just stresses you out for no reason. Chill. Everything will probably be fine!

Look on the bright side once in a while. Don't let anxiety about the future wreck today. Stay hopeful, open and lighthearted.

Embrace uncertainty as an opportunity, not a catastrophe. Optimism is a good look on everyone.


You're always busy

You Are Always Busy
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Girl, we get it — you've got a packed calendar stuffed with work, friends, family, hobbies, and me-time.

Yet constantly saying "I'm so busy!" to explain why you're late, forgot something, or can't hang out makes you come across as disinterested and flaky.

Life's hectic, no doubt, but constantly playing the "busy card" gives the impression you don't value other people's time.

Plus, it prevents meaningful connections — who wants to open up when your mind's elsewhere? Consider it from their perspective.

Don't you feel dismissed when friends hit you with the busy excuse?

Next time you're tempted to diminish an apology or explanation with "Sorry, I'm just so busy!" — pause. Take a beat to reflect.

Maybe you truly are overloaded and spread thin right now — if so, acknowledge that sincerely without the non-apology-apology "but."

Validate they deserve your full attention. Then explain specifically what's got you swamped, and make a plan to reconnect soon.

Letting loved ones into your chaos shows you care. Keepin' it real builds trust and intimacy.

And who knows — they may lend a hand with time management strategies or chores so you're not so dang busy! Relax into the messiness of life, mama.

You’ve got this.


Constantly lazy

Constantly Lazy
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Now, what's for the lazy person? Oh, yeah!

We know it's tempting to lounge in sweats binge-watching Netflix, scroll endlessly on Insta, or hit snooze over and over instead of working out or tackling that to-do list.

But constantly telling others "I'm so lazy haha!" as an excuse for flaking or unproductiveness comes across as juvenile and irresponsible.

We all have lazy days — when getting off the couch feels impossible and we lack motivation.

That's called being human!

But making laziness your brand conveys a lack of self-discipline and drive. It prevents you from living your best life and reaching your goals.

Plus, it drags down those around you. Instead of playing the "I'm too lazy" card, push yourself to show up — even when you don't feel like it.

Surround yourself with positive people who inspire action. And on those extra lazy days, be honest.

Say "I'm feeling totally unmotivated today. Could you give me a pep talk or come over for a walk?" Asking for support shows self-awareness.

Then, return the favor when they need a boost!

Together, we can build a community of empowerment to beat the lazies. Don't settle for a life of lounging, girl.

You deserve to live passionately and purposefully on your terms. Start small if needed, but start — your future self will thank you!



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Gossiping with your gal pals seems to be fun and bonding, but beware! It has a dark side that makes you look bad.

When you partake in trash-talking others behind their backs consider how it reflects on your character before your next gab session.

Do you really want people to think you are petty or mean? Rise above pettiness by only saying positive uplifting things about others.

Build true friendships based on substance not tearing others down. If you must vent, choose kind ways that avoid harming reputations.

Focus conversations on ideas hopes and dreams to take your connections to a higher level. Opt for personal growth activities over gossip.

Do fun creative collaborative things with your circle.

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