How Celebs Style Their Red Carpet Dresses (*there Are 14 of Them)

Get inspired by celebrities’ gorgeous style on the red carpet.
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March 7, 2022
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When it comes to the red carpet, it's rare that there are conversations that we can't avoid to keep talking about how our favorite celebrities style their red carpet dresses.

Whether you're a fan of them or a fan of the style, you might wonder how they make their glamorous look so perfect?

A red carpet is a packed house of beautiful people all dressed in their finest for an occasion.

So how do the stars manage to look stunning in their red carpet events?

In case you were wondering, here are lists of Hollywood's biggest stars who style their red carpet dresses.


1. Ana de Armas

ana de armas
© Poluza112 / Reddit

2. Kaley Cuoco

kaley cuoco
© Timber81BE / Reddit

3. Gemma Arterton

gemma arterton
© Sam03112004 / Reddit


4. Olivia Holt

olivia holt
© OhNoWhatHappenedNow / Reddit

5. Elodie Yung

elodie yung
© Timber81BE / Reddit

6. Keira Knightley

keira knightley
© OhNoWhatHappenedNow / Reddit


7. Melissa Fumero

melissa fumero
© Ree-Ko / Reddit

8. Jennifer Aniston

jennifer aniston
© Shart_Shark / Reddit

9. Annasophia Robb

annasophia robb
© GlamMetalLion / Reddit


10. Taylor Swift

taylor swift
© Andothercelebs / Reddit

11. Nicole Kidman

nicole kidman
© Timber81BE / Reddit

12. Kristen Stewart

kristen stewart
© Armenia1918 / Reddit


13. Hayley Atwell

hayley atwell
© Lickmebabe / Reddit

14. Sara Paxton

sara paxton
© Risk_Hopeful / Reddit





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