How to Clean Under Your Nails: Fingernails, Toenails & Tips

Prepare for the treats of your beautiful clean toenails!
how clean toenails can improve your confidence!
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September 20, 2023
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Want to know how to clean toenails? It's actually pretty easy. But first, you need to take a look at the cause of "dirty toenails" or uncleaned toenails.

Some studies have shown that wearing shoes for too long can cause your feet to develop an athlete's foot.

Also, wearing socks or any type of footwear that stays on your feet for too long can cause dirt and other bacteria to enter into your nails and spread as well.

So, if you're a person who enjoys being on their feet all day long, then you should know how to clean toenails (without fungus)!


The 5 Steps to Clean Your Toenails

These 5 steps need to be done every day to keep it clean and shiny.

Cleaned your hand first

Cleaned your hand first to get cleaned toenails

One of the most important things you need to know about your hands is they are really dirty.

The average person has between 50,000 and 100,000 bacteria on their hands. To clean your toenails, you need to make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly.

Washing your hands will help to reduce the number of germs that are left on your nails.


Wash your feet thoroughly

Wash your feet thoroughly to get cleaned toenails
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Next, you need to wash your feet thoroughly with soap. This helps to eliminate any lingering bacteria or fungus that you might not have been able to eliminate.

Cleaning your toenails with soap will help you stay healthy and stop the infection from occurring.

Soap will help clean the dirt off of your feet. It will also make them look cleaner.

There are a variety of different soaps that you can buy, but for now, you can use any type of soap that you would like.


Rub your toenails with a nail brush

Rub your toenails with a nail brush
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Using a nail brush can gently clean away any dirt or bacteria that might be left on your nails. 

Also, a nail brush helps you clean the hard areas to reach under your nails. You can actually brush your nails while you're still washing your feet.

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Rinse your feet until there's no soap left

Rinse your feet until theres no soap left to get cleaned toenails

Once you've finished rubbing and scrubbing your feet, rinse them off thoroughly. Basically, it would help if you rinsed your feet until there was no more soap left in them.

When your feet are already cleaned, you can take the last steps of cleaning your toenails.


Wipe till dry

Wipe till dry to get cleaned toenails
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Once you've gotten rid of the soap, make sure to dry them well, maybe with a clean towel or washcloth.

When you wipe your feet with a towel, you are keeping everything off and clean. Also, this will keep your feet from getting too dry and cracked.

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5 Steps to Maintain Your Toenails Clean

You need to do these 5 steps to make sure it is maintained clean. Do it every 3 days a week, or if you are too lazy or too busy, you can do just one day per week.


Soak your feet in warm water

Soak your feet in warm water to get cleaned toenails

This way will make your toenails more soft and easy to trim. It also helps you clean the dirt that is still on your toenails. How long you should do this it only takes 15 minutes for you to soak your feet. A secret you will need

There's a thing that you can do to make your feet healthy and far from dry too! Before soaking your feet, you can add some bath salt to the place you soak your feet. When you do this, you can get rid of dry feet.

This is called "The best of both worlds," which gives different benefits at the same time!


Use the orange stick to remove stubborn dirt

Use the orange stick to remove stubborn dirt to get cleaned toenails

Using the orange stick to remove stubborn dirt is one of the most popular techniques people always use. This technique is very effective because it does not require the use of chemicals and other toxic substances in removing dirt from nails.

This method is also fast and can be used almost anywhere at any time. It has become a popular choice for anyone who wants to remove nail dirt without leaving behind a mess and damaging their natural nails.


Clip and trim your toenails

Clip and trim your toenails to get cleaned toenails
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When it comes to clipping your toenails, you need to clip them with a straightforward method (clip them straight across). This is needed to happen because it can prevent infection.

When you clip it with a "down the sides method," your toenails can get an unexpected infection that can harm your nails. So make sure to clip and trim your toenails carefully and beautifully.


Rinse and dry your feet

Rinse and dry your feet to get cleaned toenails
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After you are done doing all the steps on top, then you can rinse it and let your toenails dry. Again, it would help if you cleaned your feet before doing the last action.


Moisturize the nails with a special moisturizer

Moisturize the nails with a special moisturizer to get cleaned toenails
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Once your feet are totally dry, you can put moisturizer on them. However, the skin on your nails is a lot more sensitive and probably needs less protection.

If you don't moisturize it, it will dry out and crack. However, you can do it yourself at home by applying a special moisturizer for your nails.

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When you clean your toenails properly, we are sure that you will enjoy stepping out with your bare feet confidently.




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