How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work: 17 Best Tips to Survive (& Thrive)

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December 2, 2022
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For couples in a long-distance relationship, making it work can be a challenge. However, there are a variety of techniques and tips that can be used to make the relationship thrive.

In this article, we'll explore 17 of the best ways to navigate a long-distance relationship and make it successful. We'll look at how communication is essential, how to maintain trust, how to keep things interesting, and more.

With these strategies, couples can survive and even flourish while they are apart.


Do Long-Distance Relationships Work?

do long distance relationships work
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This is a question that often comes up when people are considering starting a relationship with someone who lives far away.

The answer to this question is not a simple one. There are a lot of factors that come into play when trying to determine whether or not a long-distance relationship can be successful.

Some of the things that need to be considered include:

  • The level of commitment of both partners
  • How often you are able to see each other
  • How well do you communicate with each other
  • The level of trust and communication in the relationship
  • How much effort you are willing to put into the relationship

All of these factors can play a role in whether or not a long-distance relationship works. There are couples who have made it work despite the distance, and there are also couples who have not been able to make it work.

The best way to determine if a long-distance relationship can work for you is to sit down with your partner and talk about all of the above factors. See if you are both on the same page and willing to put in the work necessary to make the relationship work.

The 17 Best Tips & Advice on How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

Having a long distance relationship can be challenging and filled with obstacles, but it can also be incredibly rewarding.

If you are in a long distance relationship or considering committing to one, here, we provide the best tips and advice on how to make your long distance relationship work.

From communication to trust building, these 17 suggestions will help set the stage for a successful long distance relationship.

1. Understand the basics of a long-distance relationship

Long-distance relationships are becoming more common nowadays as more couples meet online and each person lives in a different city or country. If you’re considering taking the plunge into a long-distance relationship, it is important to understand the basics first. With the right mindset and strategies, couples can make these often challenging relationships work.

The most important factor of any successful long-distance relationship is communication. A couple has to be willing to talk openly about their feelings and expectations for the relationship on a regular basis in order to create an understanding between them both.

It's also essential for them to keep up with current events in each other’s life and look for ways to stay connected despite being apart physically. Making sure that you have quality time together (even if it's virtual) helps build strong bonds which will help keep your relationship strong even when times get tough.


2. Communicate often and effectively

The best way to communicate effectively is to keep communication lines open. Make sure you are talking to your partner often, and that you are both on the same page.

If there are any problems, don't try to bottle them up. Talk to your partner and work through the issues together. Effective communication is key to a healthy and happy relationship.

3. Make time for each other, even when it's hard

Life is always going to be busy. There will always be things to do and people to see. It can be hard to find time for each other when you're always on the go. But it's important to make time for each other, even when it's hard.

Being busy doesn't mean you can't find time for your partner. You just need to be creative. Maybe you can wake up a little earlier to have some Quiet Time together. Maybe you can go for a walk after dinner. Or maybe you can just snuggle on the couch for a while.

No matter what you do, make sure you make time for each other. It's the key to a strong relationship.

4. Find ways to connect physically

It can be difficult to find ways to connect physically with someone you just met. But, there are a few things you can do to make it easier.

One way to connect physically is to touch them. This can be as simple as putting your hand on their back as you walk or talking with your hands. Touching them also lets them know that you are interested in them.

Another way to connect physically is to get close to them. This can be done by sitting close to them or standing close when you talk. This will let them know that you want to be closer to them.

By using these tips, you can easily connect physically with someone you just met.


5. Keep things fun and interesting

One of the most important things to remember when you're trying to keep your relationship fun and interesting is to make sure you keep things new and exciting. This can be as simple as trying new activities or exploring new areas.

It's also important to keep the lines of communication open, so you can share your thoughts and feelings with each other. By doing these things, you'll help keep your relationship fresh and exciting.

6. Don't take things for granted

Long-distance relationships can be difficult but rewarding. It takes a lot of hard work and communication to make it successful, so don't take things for granted if you want to make it work. There are certain strategies that you should implement in order to create a strong connection across the miles.

Communication is key, as it allows both partners to stay connected and resolve any issues before they become too large or unmanageable. You should also plan visits when possible; even if the visit is short, it will provide a chance for the two of you to reconnect in person and remember why you wanted to be together in the first place.

Additionally, keep contact frequently by sending emails, text messages, phone calls or video chat sessions on a regular basis; this will help maintain an emotional connection between the two of you despite the physical distance.

7. Don't forget about your own life

It's easy to get so wrapped up in the work that you forget to take care of yourself. But if you don't take care of yourself, you won't be able to take care of your work.

Make sure you take some time for yourself every day, even if it's just for a few minutes. Relax, read a book, take a walk, or do something that you enjoy.

You'll be more productive if you're taking care of yourself both physically and mentally.


8. Deal with tough times together

When times are tough, that's when you need your partner the most. If you can lean on them and support each other through the tough times, you'll be that much stronger when you come out the other side. Being there for each other is one of the most important things you can do in a relationship.

9. Don't let the distance get you down

We know it's hard being away from the one you love. We know how much it hurts to be apart. But don't let the distance get you down.

Keep your chin up and your heart strong. Remember the good times you've shared and focus on the future. When you're finally together again, you'll be that much happier.

10. Don't be afraid to get creative

If you want your relationship to thrive and survive the distance, it takes creativity and effort. Don't be afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to ways you can stay connected with your partner.

From researching new virtual date night ideas to sending each other small surprises in the mail, there are countless creative ways you can show your love even if you're miles apart. Get creative and experiment with different activities that will keep your connection strong no matter how far away from each other you may be.

Whether it's planning a surprise video chat or writing letters back and forth, don't be afraid of getting creative when it comes to making sure that the love between you is always alive and well - even over long distances!


11. Be patient and understanding

Patience and understanding go far when it comes to preventing misunderstandings or certain situations from escalating out of control. If a partner needs some space or time, the other should give them the support they need without taking it personally.

By respecting each other’s feelings and being sensitive to how the other person is dealing with the situation, couples can make their long-distance relationship last through thick and thin.

12. Be supportive and understanding

No one is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes. This includes your partner. If your partner does something that bothers you, be sure to talk to them about it. Discussing the issue calmly and openly can help resolve any problems that may have arisen.

It's also important to be supportive of your partner. If they are going through a tough time, be there for them. Offer words of encouragement and be understanding. Supporting your partner is key to having a strong and healthy relationship.

13. Stay positive

The key to making a long-distance relationship work is staying positive. Keeping your relationship strong and healthy requires communication, trust, understanding, respect and optimism. When you’re feeling down or lonely it can be easy to become pessimistic about the relationship; however, this is not productive for either of you. Having a positive outlook on the situation allows both of you to focus on the rewards that will come from being together again in the future.

It is important to remain upbeat despite the distance that exists between partners. When communication is difficult or when one partner feels lonely, try to focus on the reasons why you are still together. Reflect on all of the good qualities your partner has and appreciate them for those things from afar. This will help remind you of why you started the relationship in the first place and provide motivation for continuing it despite the challenge posed by physical separation.


14. Treasure your time together

No matter how busy you are, how much you have to do, or how many places you have to be, always make time for the people you love. Treasure the time you have together and make the most of it.

Laugh, talk, and just enjoy each other's company. Being together is the most important thing.

15. Stay connected even when you're apart

It's essential for couples in a long-distance relationship to stay connected with each other through different means of communication. This includes consistent video calls, weekly phone calls and even text message conversations throughout the day.

Technology has come a long way since the days of snail mail and landlines. These days, we can stay connected to each other even when we're miles apart. With apps like FaceTime, Skype or Zoom, we can see each other's faces and talk to each other as if we're in the same room.

In order to help keep the relationship fresh, it's important for couples to find creative ways to stay connected like sharing pictures or videos of special moments and sending letters or gifts in the mail. Doing so will reassure your partner that you are still deeply committed even if you're apart physically.

16. Know that it's worth it

Long-distance relationships can be incredibly difficult, but they are just as rewarding if you know how to make it work. It's not easy being away from the person you love, but with the right kind of communication and effort, a long-distance relationship is worth fighting for. Here are a few reasons why having a long-distance relationship can be beneficial:

First and foremost, couples in long-distance relationships get the opportunity to learn and grow more independently than those in close-proximity relationships. This can mean learning new hobbies or interests that may not have been possible before due to geographical borders. Additionally, having space between one another allows for couples to really appreciate each other when they do manage to see one another in person.

Lastly, long-distance relationships provide a sense of excitement and adventure as the couple tries to find new ways to connect and communicate, which can keep the relationship feeling fresh and new.


17. Have an end date

Maintaining a long-distance relationship can be incredibly difficult, and even the strongest couples can find it hard to make it work. But if you want to give your relationship every chance of success, setting an end date is one of the most important things you can do.

Having an end date provides clarity for both partners in the relationship so that each person knows when they will be reunited and have physical contact together again. It gives both parties something to look forward to, signifying an endpoint on all the loneliness and uncertainty associated with being apart from each other. Establishing a timeline also keeps both people motivated and focused on making their long-distance relationship work until they are finally back together.

Furthermore, having an end date encourages couples in long-distance relationships to make the most of their time apart. They need to make sure that they are communicating effectively and doing all they can to stay close, as the end date is looming in the not-too-distant future. When the date finally arrives, both partners will be able to look back at all the amazing memories and experiences they shared together during their time apart.




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