Top 10 Things Your Mom Wishes You Knew More About Beauty Tips

Your mom has probably told you about everything. But, there’s more…
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March 19, 2022
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Finding out what your mom wants you to know about beauty products doesn’t have to be that hard. You may have heard that the best way to find out what your mom wants you to know is to ask her.

This may seem like a strange thing to do at first, but asking your mother questions can lead you to all kinds of great information.

You may be surprised at all of the things she tells you.

However, once you find out what your mom wants you to know, you can start planning how to use the tips that she has been talking about. 

Here are some interesting tips that your mother wishes you knew about beauty products. 


1. Don’t pop your pimples

If you are a teenager, and your mother has warned you not to “pop” your pimples, what do you do? Unfortunately, many teenagers are so desperate for attention and approval that they will do anything to get it out of their faces.

They will pop their pimples and, even worse, use alcohol to try and get rid of their acne. If your mom has warned you not to “pop” your pimples, understand that it is something that she knows better than you, and you should not “pop” your pimples.

Source: Let's Face It / fb

There is an actual medical condition known as Acne Vulgaris, and it is caused by excess oil being produced in the skin’s oil glands. When there is an overproduction of oil in these glands, it causes a swelling of the skin, which results in pimples forming.

Your mom may have told you that if you keep your face clean that this is a non-issue, but in reality, you can cause a lot more harm than good when you pop your pimples.

Leaving pimples alone without treatment can leave your skin irritated, red, and dry. When you pop your pimples, you are causing permanent damage to the skin, leading to scarring. Not only does it damage your skin, but it also makes you look ugly and untidy. 

2. Start a solid skincare regime early

3. Use the right color foundation or you'll make your own self look darker!


4. Always apply moisturizer and sunscreen when you're out

Plus also don't put on too much makeup that you don't need to have it!

5. Try using a shade that's close to your natural color if you're most likely to fill in your eyebrows

6. If you have a lot of body hair, don't worry because most men care a lot less about it


7. Black eyeliner is not always the solution

8. Only apply foundation as well as concealer when you really need them, like for a special event or you have a zit on your face

9. Don't over-do with the gel/hairspray combination


10. Don't over pluck your eyebrows

11. Always look carefully the ingredients in your beauty products; prevent yourself from getting poisonous substance to your skin

In conclusion, she’s probably done it more than once to make sure that you are doing everything right, that you are on the right track to having good skin. But there’s something that your mom wishes you knew more about beauty products. 

This is not mistaken, really, when they encouraged us to use something that we didn’t think of before!




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