14 Genius Ways to Organize Your Beauty Products

Say goodbye to messy drawers with these 14 genius ways to organize your beauty products.
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May 7, 2023
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Lately, we've been thinking about how to organize our beauty products. But, of course, we do research together, and you may not expect that we find you genius ways to organize your beauty products.

So now we have decided to share with you guys how to organize your beauty products!

There are countless ways to store all your beauty products. However, if you have a lot of them, it can be a little daunting to figure out what will work best for you. 

It's okay to have a preference for something. Still, it's always best to have a few different options so you can stay organized no matter your mood or how many products you need to fit in that space. 

Please make sure you are success organizing your beauty products. So that, when finished putting the items in the specific place, they won't spill out or ruin anything when using them in the morning!

Organize Beauty Products in The Bathroom

Beauty products can be a massive attraction, especially when you have limited storage in your bathroom. The options from the list above are all great! However, categorizing bath products can be much easier if done correctly.

1. Empty your products space

empty your products space to organize your beauty products

Ideally, it would help if you emptied your bathroom cabinets at least once a year and sorted through your products. At this point, most of the products you don't use often enough, or won't use ever again, should be disposed of properly. 

They don't need to end up in a landfill, polluting the earth. Also, if your products are expired, they could hurt your skin. Just make sure that you do it properly! 

2. Organize bathroom products by type

organize bathroom products by type to organize your beauty products

Organizing by type is a common way people organize their beauty products in the bathroom. 

However, this is only true if the product types are self-explanatory. For instance, organizing toiletries by their function is a very easy way to keep different products separate. 

Soaps should be kept away from creams and lotions, for instance. 

Toiletries that have been grouped should be stored in the same container away from other containers. So your skincare products will not be mixed with toiletries.

3. Separate the daily use from the night use

separate the daily use with the night use to organize your beauty products

Organized makeup is the key to less stress when it comes to getting ready, but where you organize can be just as important. 

Separating your products based on use (i.e., every day and night use) will make life much easier and keep becoming a part of your morning routine!

One of the best ways to organize your beauty products is to create sections to separate your daily use, night use, eyeliner, lipstick, mascara, and anything else you may use on a daily basis. 

Many people will put all of these products in one drawer or container, but this can make it difficult to find things when you want them or need them. 

By separating each thing into different sections, you can easily find the product, which is what matters most.

4. Use a tray

use a tray to organize your beauty products

Beauty products can take up a lot of space, it makes you concerned with clutter, and it can be difficult to keep them under control. 

However, there are a number of affordable and simple solutions that you can use to keep your favorite beauty products from taking over your bathroom space.

So, we think one of the best ways to organize makeup is with trays. There are a lot of trays that you can use to organize your beauty products, such as

1. A french kitchen marble rectangle tray

2. Small oval solid wood tray unpainted

3. Unfinished wood tray

4. Leaf tray

5. Bathroom tray

All of these trays help you organize your toiletries and skincare products to stay in place.

5. Place the most used products near the bathroom mirror

place the most used products near the bathroom mirror to organize your beauty products

Placing the most often-used products near the bathroom mirror is a great idea. That way, they are far more accessible, and you will likely use them more often. 

The only downside is that you need to have a lot of free space near your bathroom mirror.

The reality is that this suggestion will work for any room, not just the bathroom. The key is to organize your products in a way that makes them easy to reach. 

Most people have multiple products they use every day, so having them within arm's reach will make your life much easier once you get into the habit of doing so.

Organize Beauty Products in The Closet

If you're tired of digging through a jumbled mess to find your beauty products in your drawer, there is a better way.

1. Have mini buckets 

have mini buckets to organize your beauty products

If you're someone who uses a lot of beauty products that are small in size, get some empty mini buckets, screw the lid on tight, and lay them near your drawer or mirror. 

You can keep them neat and organized until you need to use the next one. 

These are great for things like bobby pins or even your earbuds! 

And suppose you have larger items you want to stay together but save space—like a tube of toothpaste, a bottle of hand cream, or a bottle of nail polish remover. In that case, these mini buckets suit you really well.

2. Put your brush on the brush holder

put your brush on the brush holder to organize your beauty products
Envato Elements

Using a brush holder is a great way to organize the brushes that are being messed up on your makeup table. A brush holder helps you to find your brush easily, and it will help more if you use a clear brush holder.

There are a lot of brush holder types such as,

  1. Sooyee Makeup Brush Holders, Acrylic Makeup Brush Holder with Lid, Makeup Brush Organizer with 8mm White Pearls
  2. Acrylic Makeup Brush Organizer Holder Clear Cosmetic Brushes Storage with 3 Slots
  3. Tasybox Crystal Makeup Brush Holder Organizer, Handcrafted Cosmetics Brushes Cup Storage Solution (Silver)

3. Get clear organizers

get a clear organizer to organize your beauty products

Clear organizer is a must-have item that you should have at least one! This clear organizer will help you a lot. 

Clear organizers are a great way to keep all of your products visible in a small space, and they shouldn't be overlooked when turning that room into a makeup haven. 

They can also really help to keep your handiwork organized on a desk or on a vanity. 

These clear organizers will allow you to make the most use of your space regardless of how big or small it is.

Organize Beauty Products for Minimalist

Whether you go minimalist or maximalist, remember to use common sense when organizing your beauty products. As long as they are easily accessible, you'll find using what you have on hand easier. Then, when something new comes down the road, you can always play around with different storage solutions.

1. Label every drawer

label every drawer to organize your beauty products

As you can see, there are many ways to organize your beauty products. One of the things is to label each drawer, even if it is not for makeup.

Labeling drawers or sections in a drawer is a simple way to make product management much easier. Consider labeling by use, type, brand, etc., to make your products even more accessible.

The important part of these tips is to make sure everything has a place. 

Everything! This makes it easy for any family member to go into any drawer and quickly locate what they are looking for without creating chaos.

2. Separate most-used products from other products

separate most-used products with other products to organize your beauty products

Overall, these tips are our favorite tips: separate most-used products from other products into their own container. 

If this sounds like an ordinary thing to you, it is. 

If you like to order and like to complete things quickly and efficiently, having a separate container for your most-used with other products makeup products is a must.

It will give you time back in your day and give you less stress as well. 

This is because you will know where all your most-used items are, so you don't have to waste any more time looking for them.

3. Unite lip products in each glass jar (lipstick, lip balm, lip gloss)

unite lip products in each glass jar to organize your beauty products

You can use the jars for your lipsticks, as this will help you find the right shade for your skin tone. Also, you can add a lid to keep them from getting ruined.

We think this suggestion is excellent! 

We especially like different grouping kinds of lip products in different jars. 

As for keeping track of our lip products—we've found that keeping them hidden in the glass jar is the best way for us for three reasons.

Firstly, we can see what is there without taking everything out that is currently not in use. 

Secondly, when we take the bottles out to use them, they usually aren't huddled together with other bottles.

Thirdly, we can put our things whenever one of the bottles is empty.

It works for us, at least!

4. Use a drawer divider

use dividers to organize your beauty products

If you only have one or two drawers to work with, why not install some simple drawers dividers to help you stay organized? 

It'll spare you the trouble of having to dig around in your drawer looking for what you need, and it'll also reduce the risk of spilling edible items on your clothes!

It's often said that "a place for everything, and everything in its place" leads to an easier day-to-day existence. 

So if you are looking for a way to master your beauty products, it appears that using storage units with dividers is the easiest way to make them fit.

Dividers would help keep things organized (bonus points if they are double-sided!)

5. Place your brushes in the old glasses case

place your brushes in the old glasses case to organize your beauty products

If you're just starting your beauty collection, an old glasses case can be an easy way to keep all of your brushes in one place—not just for traveling. But for home use can also be!

Putting your makeup brushes in a glasses case might seem a little strange at first, but think about it: why not dedicated a place for them? 

It's practical, doesn't take up a lot of space, looks nice, and is a stylish upgrade from your old brush place. Plus, it's pretty easy to find a glasses case at any discount store, thrift shop, or your grandma's house.

Be sure to wash the case out thoroughly before using it.

Organize Makeup Palettes

Organization is the key to finding what you're looking for when you want it and keeping track of what you already own. By using these methods, you can make your favorite palettes more accessible.

1. Arrange the eyeshadow palette by the color tone

arrange the eyeshadow palette by the color tone to organize your beauty products

​​If you have a lot of different shades of eyeshadow, arrange them by color tone. By grouping together similar colors, it will be easier to match your makeup with your wardrobe. 

You can easily organize your makeup collection by color, type, use, and many other factors to optimize the storage space.

This way, when you look in your makeup drawer, you'll be able to see all the colors in one spot and decide if you have a good selection for a date-night look.

There are a lot of organizational ideas you can use in order to organize your eyeshadow like,

1. Put eyeshadow palettes in wire baskets 

2. Use acrylic makeup palette storage

It is very important that the contents of your bathroom are organized properly. This will help you find your product at a glance and ensure that no product is outdated.

We hope this article was useful, and we will be publishing more such articles soon!

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