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Last Updated
October 26, 2022
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The Trendiest Updos for Medium Length Hair

Full, eternal updos for effortless and eternal everyday beauty.
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Last Updated
October 26, 2022
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Medium-length hair can look lovely in a variety of updo styles. These styles can be braided, layered, top-knotted, or even loose and textured. Regardless of your personal style, there is a style that's perfect for you!


Braided updos

braided updos for medium length hair
@bliss_hair_pgh / Instagram

Medium-length hair provides a large variety of updo styles. Having shoulder-length locks gives you many options in both formal and casual updos. Medium-length hair also provides the option of a DIY updo. If you are not comfortable with your DIY skills, a professional stylist can duplicate the look. Several techniques can be used to create braided updos for medium-length hair.

A simple, low bun with a French braid can look glamorous and formal. Alternatively, a loose-whipped updo can work for a night out on the town. To make it even more romantic, a messy braid on the bottom can be adorned with a flower or jeweled barrette. Another option is a criss-cross braid, which gives a lacey effect. A bouffant updo can add an extra touch to your hair, making it look luscious and full.

A French roll or loose French braid is a classic updo that is easy to create and looks chic. This updo also works well with balayage hair. Add some bling with a beautiful orange balayage to make it extra glam.

Braided updos for medium-length hair can also be easy to do on your own. These hairstyles are usually simpler than updos for long hair and don't require extensive skills or tools. However, they do require some practice and patience, so be prepared to invest some time in perfecting the style.

There are numerous updos for medium-length hair, and they can be achieved in a few minutes. Whether you are going for a casual look or a formal party, an updo can work for any occasion. Just remember to use your imagination!

Layered updos

layered updos for medium length hair
@oceanssalonandspa / Instagram

If you have medium-length hair, consider creating a layered updo. This versatile style can work for many different occasions. For example, you can try a chignon that you can twist. Another great idea is to create a bohemian bun that has a bow on top. These styles can be worn all day long and can be easily styled.

Medium-length hair is ideal for layered updos because they can look very elegant. They are also easy to do and require less maintenance. If you have curly, wavy, or textured hair, you can go with a messy bun, or if you have thin hair, you can go for a tight bun or sleek ponytail.

Medium-length hair can also be layered to achieve a vintage look. Asymmetric layers add more excitement to any style. Be sure not to make the layers too short. You can add texturing spray to give your hair extra body. Layered hair is also perfect for summer.

Top knots

top knots updos for medium length hair
@paulamareehair / Instagram

Top knots are a versatile style that allows for many styling options. This style is ideal for both formal and informal events. It blends with the hair while still remaining sleek and professional. It also allows for effortless restyles. If you want to spice it up, you can use bobby pins to hold the pieces in place.

Top knots look great on short to medium-length hair. They can be messy and casual for daytime, or sleek and polished for evening events. You can also accessorize this look with a chic hair tie or a simple hair accessory. A top knot can also be a great choice for those with medium-length locks, as it works for both lengths.

This hairstyle looks best on hair that is at least two days old and unwashed. The hair should be evenly distributed throughout the hair. To start, use a round brush to gather the hair into a high ponytail. Next, spray hairspray all over the top and sides of the ponytail. Once this is done, you can braid the hair inside the ponytail into a regular three-strand braid. Next, wrap the braid around the base of the ponytail and secure it with bobby pins.

Another fashionable hairstyle is a top knot or samurai knot. This style is a popular choice for men and can be achieved with a barber who is experienced in this style. If you have long hair, you can secure it in a bun using elastic to keep it in place.


Loose textured updos

loose textured updos for medium length hair
@michele.luxebeautyco / Instagram

Loose textured updo hairstyles are a great choice for medium-length hair. They are easy to pull off and can add a stylish touch to your look. However, you should keep in mind that they can look rather plain and boring sometimes, so it is advisable to add a jeweled hair accessory or two to give them a unique flair.

If you have fine or medium hair, you should use a volumizing mousse to add some volume. You can also apply volumizing primer to the roots of your hair to create lift at the root. This style can also be created by flipping your head upside down to create a lift at the roots.

Loose textured updo styles are a great option if you don't have much time to spend styling your hair. These types of hairstyles require minimal maintenance and can be worn every day. They can be worn to work or to a party.

A messy bun updo is a fun and easy way to get a stylish look for any occasion. This hairstyle is versatile, making it appropriate for dinner with friends or for a fun yoga class. This type of updo creates a textured finish and has a few tendrils that hang down the sides of the face. It is suitable for medium-to-shoulder-length hair.

Another simple yet elegant option for medium-length hair is a low ponytail. This hairstyle is simple to do and can give you a classic yet chic look. Its loop-like shape creates a loop that can be secured with bobby pins. This hairstyle is best suited for thick-textured hair and complements oval-shaped faces.

Accessorized top knots

accessorized top knots for medium length hair / Instagram

Accessorized top knots for medium-length tresses can add some flare to your look. These styles are ideal for both casual and professional settings. Adding some color to your hair can also make it look more sophisticated. A colorful ombre or balayage will look stunning when worn in a top knot. A bold lip and highlighter will complete the look.

A top knot can be messy or chic, depending on the style you choose. Messy versions are ideal for everyday wear, while sleek and polished versions are ideal for evening events. Choose an accessory that matches your personality and your hairstyle. If your hair is thin, consider using teased hair for extra thickness.

Accessorized top knots are easy to style and can be created with any type of hair. For a voluminous and glamorous look, you can choose a textured top knot. A textured top knot is perfect for curly or thin hair. If you have long hair, you can use angled braids to add more interest to a standard top knot. You can also try a Dutch braided top knot bun, which is perfect for a bridesmaid look.

Adding bangs can also add extra volume. You can also add face-framing layers. Another versatile style is a half-up half-down bun. This look plays with length and volume and works well with extensions. In addition, it is also easy to create and requires very little time.




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