What Your Hands Say About Your Personality

The hands convey a lot of messages about you and your personality.
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May 7, 2023
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They are perhaps one of the most integral parts of our physique. They speak so many words about our innermost thoughts and feelings. So, if you have ever wondered about your hands, say about your personality, here is a guide for you. It will tell you what the hands tell about you and your personality.

When you meet new people, one of the first things they see in you is your hands. The part that they see on your hands are:

  • nails
  • if you got any scars on it
  • additional fingers if any

If you have large or irregularly-shaped hands, people will immediately be able to tell that they are not well-balanced. On the other hand, if you have normal-sized hands, they will not worry much about you.

What do your hands say about your personality?

When you ask people to describe their hands, they will mostly tell you what kind of things they can do with them.

This means that your hands can be useful in many ways; they can be a tool to help you hold and swing things well; they can also be a tool for digging things or getting something accomplished.

In short, your hands can help you to do practically anything.

1. That you love fashion

that you love fashion
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If you are a person who loves fashion and accessories, then your hands are surely decorated. You will most likely pick up accessories and clothing that match your personality.

2. That you are an organized individual

that you are an organized individual

If your hands are clean, always keep the nails short, then you will most likely find that people are always attracted to you.

They will love that your hands are clean and smells good they want to be close to you.

3. That you are a playful person

that you are a playful person
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If you are a playful person, then your hand might have a little paintbrush on it; on the other hand, your hands might be missing a few knuckles and nail polish if you are more into books and numbers.

4. That you are a mess

that you are a mess long ugly fingernails
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Some people will point to their fingernails and say that they don't know what your hands say about you. In reality, your nails and skin say much more about you than what your hands can say.

On the other hand, if there are smudges or yellowish spots all over your hands, you will most likely get a negative view.

5. That you're always doing workouts

that you are always doing workouts
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If your hands are strong and muscular, then people will know that you are always doing exercises. This will inspire them to go to the gym too. In addition, they will know that you always care about your own self-health.

6. You are a good speaker

you are a good speaker
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If you always talk to others with hand gestures, people will find that you like to tell stories enthusiastically. This will make them interested to hear your stories even more.

So, if you do not have to practice this habit, we suggest practicing it now!

7. That you are an open-minded person

that you are an open-minded person
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There's a time when people want to share their problems with you, and you are ready to hear them and share the solution from your point of view.

If you're always showing your palm hands outside that other people can see it, this sends signals that you're open to hearing their problem. You can see the example in the picture above.

8. You have a lot of secrets that you don't want other people to know

you have a lot secrets that you don't want other people to know

When you're talking with people at a table, you'll find yourself that your hands unconsciously always show your backhands outside in front of the people's eyes.

This signifies that you have many secrets related to that person you don't want to tell them. Maybe you saw their awkward moments that they don't notice before.

9. You're an emotional person

you are an emotional person
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What do your hands say about your emotions? Do you tend to be very passionate about something? Or do you find that you can easily switch from one emotion to another?

If your hands were always accessorized with romantic things or tattooed with your lover's name or your family name, then other people will know that you're an emotional person.

10. You are shy and probably an introvert

you are shy and probably an introvert
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The condition is the same as Number #8. You'll notice that your hands always show the back often, not your palm hands. This sends a signal to other people that you are securing yourself from showing something that may be considered an extrovert.

Maybe if you are an extrovert and still show the back of your hands when people are, maybe you are shy or talking to this person for the first time.

If you think that your appearance impacts your self-esteem, you should make sure that you always try to do things the way you want to look.

This will help you maintain a positive image in your head as well as your body. If your hands, face, hair, and other parts of your body look good, then you will feel good talking about anything.




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