40 Rare and Unique Eye Colors in 2021

40 beautiful eyes of a variety of colors that will make your eyes sparkle.

eye colors
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Eyes color is a personal preference, there are millions of people who have different eye colors.

Also, eye colors are determined by polygenic traits, namely, the iris pigment color and its frequency-dependent contribution to the overall light scattering in the stroma.

The iris pigment color or melanin is responsible for the color of the eye, and its dominant type can be brown, red, yellow, green, blue, gray, or any combination thereof.

Pigment granules give the colors of eyes. They can be detected on the cornea, eyelids, and lens surface through the method of photo-biopsy. The frequency of these granules determines eye color.

Eye color is also determined genetically, but in a different way than is melanin.

Eye color is normally a polygenic trait. However, its high heritability varies a lot between individuals, sometimes even within the same persons in the same family.

Because eye color is determined by a variation of a gene (or genes), it is said to be “racial” or “ethnic.”

For example, European people’s eyes are mostly blue, while Asian eyes are mostly brown or hazel.

Brown and hazel eye colors

Blue eye colors

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Green eye colors

Segmental heterochromia eyes

Central heterochromia eyes

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