Look at These Kids’ Writing and Spelling, and They Have Magical Inspiration

…and they have magical inspiration.

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Do we know why our children often make mistakes in spelling? This should be resolved as soon as possible, as it will affect their education in the future.

Are the examples below among the causes?

1. “Was going through my grade school stuff when I stumbled upon this.”

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2. “They won’t know it’s wrong anyway. Have you seen the way kids spell these days?”

3. “You can’t say I am wrong.”

4. On the road to making better spellers for everyone.

5. Emergent writing is my favorite thing ever.


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Haha, here’s what all budding writers really need on their learning journey, opportunities to write for a meaningful purpose! And Miss 5 has made her needs known very clearly with this under-the-bathroom-door note today.

6. “Do you read what I read? 😂 ✏️ 🎣 – I can’t unread it 🙈”.


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7. “Mama?” he says. “I love you.”


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8. We love kid writing SO MUCH :

9. It Looks like this kid is misinterpreting the President of the US :


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10. “My friend’s son left this ‘love note’ on her pillow.”

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What the kid writes: “You go buy my Legos today or your fired mommy. Love Owen”

We realize that reading is very important to succeed in life. Therefore, the ability to read greatly helps your child succeed in school, makes them more confident, and motivates your child.


Encouraging and teaching reading will help your child learn more about the world, understand clues on signs and posters, be more interested in reading become a habit, and help them get accurate information.