7 Short Choppy Hair Ideas to Spice Up Your Look This Year

These might be the right hair ideas you didn't know before you needed the most.
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July 8, 2023
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Stacked Choppy Bob - Best Short Choppy Hair Ideas

Done with bobby pins? We all have, right? Well, these days there are tons of different methods for getting a choppy look. Whether you want to try something new or are in need of some inspiration, here are the short choppy hair ideas that will spice up your look!

Short haircuts are having a major moment. If you're looking for an edgy new look, take a leaf out of the books of these brave internet users by copying one of these cute choppy hairstyles.

1. Stacked Choppy Bob

A stacked choppy bob is a short haircut that is stacked in the back and has choppy layers on the sides. This style is perfect for women who want a stylish, edgy look.

The style is created using a razor, scissors, and texturizing shears to make the hair appear uneven with layers. The hair is cut at different lengths to create volume.

It is a great choice for any woman who wants a short haircut that is easy to style and maintain.

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Stacked Choppy Bob - Best Short Choppy Hair Ideas

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