The 5 Trendiest Updos for Medium-Length Hair

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June 30, 2023
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Braided Updos - Best Updos for Medium-Length Hair

Having medium-length hair can make it challenging to come up with unique and creative hairstyles. Sure, you could throw your hair into a simple top knot or ponytail most days, but why not take some of the guesswork out of it?

We have searched and scoured through the latest trends in updos for medium-length hair so that you can mix things up every once in a while!

With just a few small tweaks here and there, you can look absolutely stunning for any occasion. From braided masterpieces to pulled-back buns galore; we are sure that one of these trendy styles will become your new go-to 'do!

Braided Updos for Medium Length Hair
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1. Braided Updos

Medium-length hair provides a large variety of updo styles. Having shoulder-length locks gives you many options in both formal and casual updos. Medium-length hair also provides the option of a DIY updo. If you are not comfortable with your DIY skills, a professional stylist can duplicate the look. Several techniques can be used to create braided updos for medium-length hair.

A simple, low bun with a French braid can look glamorous and formal. Alternatively, a loose-whipped updo can work for a night out on the town. To make it even more romantic, a messy braid on the bottom can be adorned with a flower or jeweled barrette. Another option is a criss-cross braid, which gives a lacey effect. A bouffant updo can add an extra touch to your hair, making it look luscious and full.

A French roll or loose French braid is a classic updo that is easy to create and looks chic. This updo also works well with balayage hair. Add some bling with a beautiful orange balayage to make it extra glam.

Braided updos for medium-length hair can also be easy to do on your own. These hairstyles are usually simpler than updos for long hair and don't require extensive skills or tools. However, they do require some practice and patience, so be prepared to invest some time in perfecting the style.

There are numerous updos for medium-length hair, and they can be achieved in a few minutes. Whether you are going for a casual look or a formal party, an updo can work for any occasion. Just remember to use your imagination!

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Braided Updos - Best Updos for Medium-Length Hair

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