What 2021’s New Year Looks Like in Every Place Around the World

This might be the first year that many people will celebrate it at their home.

What does a New Year’s Eve look like in every country around the globe? This question is as difficult to answer as it is entertaining.

But you can get the idea of what the day looks like from these pictures (and videos) taken by internet users worldwide.

It’s surprising and inspiring to know that there are variations in many places that occur around the world on this one day of the year.

Plus, this is the first year (because of the Coronavirus) that many people will celebrate at home, not the usual way, the outside.

So, without wasting any time, let’s see how the New Year’s celebration look like around the globe:


1. “New Years’ celebration in Oahu, Hawaii.”

Happy New Year hope you guys had an eventful fireworks display. from r/newyear

2. “Happy New Year 2021, world!!!”.

© florencewilson9 / Reddit

3. “Dubai welcome 2021 with dazzling display”.

© ABC News Live / fb

4. “2021’s New Year from Grand Lake, Colorado”.

5. “Stills, more about Dubai 2021’s New Year”.

6. “Happy New Year from the Legendary Eiffel Tower, Paris.”

© Cleto’s Vlog Page / fb

7. “2021 #happynewyear”.

8. “Fireworks in Germany 2021 Munich”.

© MTAdventures / YouTube

9. “Happy new year from Taiwan.”

10. “Happy New Year from Seattle! Highlight of the digital light show at the Space Needle”.

© Virginia Nunes / YouTube

11. “2021 vibes #happynewyear”.

12. “2021’s New Year Celebration in New Zealand”.

© 1 NEWS / YouTube

13. “Bad subtitles for New Year…”

14. “Happy New Year 2021 from Austria”.

© notDZent / Reddit