5 Best Makeup Setting Sprays of 2024 (That Can Last All Day)

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May 24, 2024
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Picture this: you’ve just spent an eternity perfecting your makeup look, blending eyeshadows like a pro, and carefully applying that winged eyeliner that could cut someone (metaphorically, of course). You step back to admire your handiwork, feeling like a total makeup boss. Fast forward a few hours, and your masterpiece has turned into a hot mess – your foundation has melted away, your eyeshadow has creased, and your eyeliner has smudged so much that you now resemble a raccoon.

Sound familiar? Well, fear not, fellow makeup enthusiasts! The solution to your makeup woes is simpler than you might think: setting sprays. These little bottles of magic are the unsung heroes of the beauty world, the secret weapon in every makeup artist’s kit.

But here’s the thing – with so many setting sprays out there, how do you choose the right one? Do you need a mist that will keep your oily T-zone in check or one that will give your dry skin a dewy glow? Should you break the bank on a fancy setting spray, or will a drugstore option do the trick?

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

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Our Top Picks:

Read on after our picks for more info on how we review these products as the best setting sprays and what you should look for when shopping for them.

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The 5 Best Setting Sprays in 2024

In this epic guide, we’ll spill all the tea on setting sprays. We’ll break down the different types, dish on the key ingredients, and help you find the perfect match for your skin type. Plus, we’ll give you the lowdown on our favorite setting sprays, from budget-friendly steals to bougie splurges.

Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray is a cult-favorite setting spray living up to its name, boasting up to 16 hours of wear without the need for touch-ups, even in challenging conditions. Its patented Temperature Control Technology is a standout feature, ensuring makeup stays cool and fresh, reducing the chances of melting away. While the spray is suitable for all skin types, it’s particularly beneficial for those with oily skin, as it helps to control shine and maintain a matte finish. The fine mist is easy to apply and dries quickly, leaving no detectable scent or sticky residue.

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e.l.f. Cosmetics Stay All Day Blue Light Micro-Setting Mist is a lightweight spray not only sets makeup for extended wear but also acts as a shield against the harmful effects of blue light from tech devices, thanks to its key ingredient, Glucosylrutin. Its formula is enriched with Aloe and Elderflower Extract, providing anti-inflammatory benefits and refining the skin for a healthy-looking complexion.

Users have praised its ultra-fine mist for being light and easy to apply, offering a refreshing experience without disturbing makeup. Despite its affordability, it competes with higher-end setting sprays in terms of performance, keeping makeup intact and skin moisturized without any dryness or irritation. However, some users have noted a change in the formula’s color over time, which is attributed to its natural ingredients but doesn’t affect its efficacy.

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Pixi Beauty Makeup Fixing Mist is a refreshing and hydrating setting spray that aims to prolong makeup wear while soothing and balancing the skin. Infused with rose water and green tea, it offers antioxidant protection and a comforting sensation upon application. The mist is designed to prevent makeup from moving, melting, or settling into fine lines, ensuring a fresh-faced look throughout the day. While the product is praised for its gentle formula, suitable for all skin types, and cruelty-free status, it does have its drawbacks.

A number of users have reported issues with the spray nozzle, which can disperse the mist unevenly, leading to larger droplets that may affect the makeup application. Despite this, the mist’s hydrating properties and ability to refresh makeup make it a valuable addition to a beauty routine, especially for those seeking a product with skincare benefits. However, potential buyers might want to test the spray mechanism before committing to a full purchase.

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MAC Fix + Stay Over Setting Spray promises a whopping 16 hours of makeup wear time, and it truly delivers. Its alcohol-free formula is not only hydrating but also provides protection from pollution and blue light, which is a huge plus for us considering the amount of screen time we have daily. The fine mist pump disperses the product evenly across the face, ensuring a weightless feel that doesn’t disturb our makeup. We’ve noticed a significant improvement in the longevity of our foundation and eye makeup, even on long, humid days. The inclusion of skin-soothing ingredients like cucumber extract, chamomile extract, and green tea extract leaves our skin feeling refreshed and hydrated.

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Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Setting + Refreshing Spray has this dual-phase, alcohol-free formula that not only sets makeup for up to 12 hours but also provides a refreshing burst of hydration thanks to its blend of hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and aloe. We were particularly wowed by its ability to give our skin a dewy finish without feeling greasy or heavy. The spray applies evenly and dries quickly, creating a breathable, invisible layer that grips makeup effectively.

Although the spray nozzle sometimes releases larger droplets, shaking the bottle well before use and holding it at the recommended distance helps achieve a finer mist. Despite its higher price point, the quality ingredients and the visible glow it imparts make it a worthwhile investment for both makeup and skincare enthusiasts.

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