9 Signs of Aging: What Happens When You Age

Are you starting to notice the signs your face is starting to age faster than it should?
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June 8, 2024
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Our first gray hairs popped up when we were 25. At the time, we plucked them out without much thought. But since then, those pesky grays have shown up en masse to make themselves at home on our heads. Now in our 30s, we can’t help but notice some other not-so-fun changes happening to our bodies and minds.

We find ourselves grunting involuntarily whenever we get up from the couch or bend down to pick something up. Our knees make some very impolite cracking noises when climbing stairs. And why is reading a book in dim light so ridiculously hard all of a sudden?

It’s clear that along with discovering those gray hairs way back when, the first signs of aging had stealthily crept into our lives. Now the internal gears and parts are making themselves heard with lots of unwelcome squeaks and complaints. Lucky us!

Where did the time go? Weren’t we all just young, wild, and carefree yesterday? Now the march towards middle age and beyond is underway for many of us.

The 9 Most Revealing Signs of Aging

In this post, let’s talk about some of the highlight reel moments our bodies and minds start going through. The saggy bits, aging spots, and forgetful moments that remind us that we aren’t spring chickens anymore.

But hey, aging isn’t all bad. At least we can look forward to senior citizen discounts!

Your eyes are becoming smaller

Woman with smaller eye
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One of the first ones that you should see is that your eyes are becoming smaller. When your eyes begin to look smaller, it can make it appear as though your eyes are opening and closing.

This can be very alarming if you aren’t accustomed to the change.

A sensitive nose

Displeased young female has running nose, feels allergic to seasonal flowers during spring, dressed in white shirt, cant have walk outdoor
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The next thing is, you will notice that your nose becomes more sensitive. A sensitive nose will be one of the first signs that something is changing. For example, if your nose becomes more wrinkly and you have trouble breathing through it, this can indicate that a change has occurred in the cartilage.

You might also begin to notice that their voice tends to get deeper when you talk to somebody. So, again, this is another early indication that your nasal cavity is becoming compromised.

Drier skin

Woman examining her dry skin
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The third sign that you should be noticing is your skin becoming dry. If your skin starts to become drier than it usually is, you may have a problem with dry skin. If you find that your skin is starting to crack and peel, you should consider making an appointment with your doctor.

Dry skin will not only make your eyes look older, but it will also cause fine lines and wrinkles to become more noticeable. That’s why it is so important to take good care of your skin!

Your skin is starting to become thinner

Woman with thinner skin
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You should start to notice that your skin is starting to become thinner. In fact, you might even start to notice that your skin is starting to “glow.” This is due to the increase of melanin in your skin as it becomes more mature.

Melanin will make your skin appear to glow and become less susceptible to damage. The thinning of the skin will cause fine lines to start appearing around your mouth and nose.

Your face will sag

The flabbiness, adipose, sagging skin, and ptosis beside the eyelid
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As you age, the skin on your face will also sag. This is because your skin will produce less collagen and elastin. This means that you will start to see wrinkles and sagging. The elasticity of the skin is the primary reason why your skin looks and feels loose.

Your skin will lose its elasticity as you age. The skin on your face is especially prone to this loss of flexibility. There is also a decrease in collagen and hyaluronic acid in your skin as well.

Collagen and hyaluronic acid are the primary materials in your skin that keep it elastic and pliant. When they are lost, the skin starts to sag and droop. You will start to notice that your skin loses its softness and elasticity.

Facial muscles become weaker

Woman looking in the mirror, her facial muscles are becoming weak
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In addition, facial muscles will begin to show signs of weakening as well. The facial muscles are basically the ones responsible for moving your mouth forward when you smile or even raise your eyebrow.

This muscle group becomes more susceptible to wrinkling and relaxing into a more relaxed and aged position as you age.

Your hair will also start to gray as you age

Woman holds a comb with her hair falling out and looks at the gray hair
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The hair on your head will also thicken and lose its natural shine. In addition, the scalp will become dry, and your follicles will become prone to dryness and inflammation.

Many people do not associate these symptoms with the aging process, but they are signs of aging nonetheless.

You’ll start noticing the lines on your face

A woman notices a wrinkle line on her forehead
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Your face is starting to age the appearance of fine facial lines. Fine lines usually appear as you age in your facial area. The fine lines will start to become more prominent.

This is due to the skin becoming thinner over time. In addition, the facial muscles will also become weaker and start to relax into an older position as the body ages.

Crow’s feet

Close-up image of crows feet at the surface of eyes
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Crow’s feet occur when the skin on the surface of your eyes starts to thicken. Now, when you start noticing these signs, your face is starting to age faster, and you can start making some plans to reverse the effects.

So, then you probably wondering how to reverse it. We recommend that you read this article if you want to know how.

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