7 Best Nail Polish Removers of 2024

Unveil flawless nails effortlessly.
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May 24, 2024
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Various nail polish removers
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That moment when you look down at your meticulously painted nails only to realize your pristine manicure now resembles a Jackson Pollock painting…we’ve all been there! Removing chipped, scratched, or just plain unpleasant nail polish used to mean subjecting your nails to harsh chemicals like acetone. But dry, brittle, damaged nails are so last season.

These days, there are tons of nourishing nail polish removers that erase even the most stubborn sparkly glitters and inky blues without leaving your nails worse for wear. Finding the best nail polish remover can be confusing though. Should you go for wipes or a liquid? Are plant-based or chemical removers more effective? Do they all have that aggressive acetone smell?

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Our Top Picks:

Read on after our picks as we show you what you should look out for when selecting a nail polish remover product perfect for your precious nails!

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The 7 Best Nail Polish Removers

This article will walk through everything you need to know to choose the best nail polish removers for healthy, happy nails!

We tested the top brands on the market and consulted nail care experts to find formulas that remove polish thoroughly and gently.

We’ll also share pro tips for using removers so you can say goodbye to polish and hello to gorgeous, nourished nails.

With Zoya Remove Plus, you get a 3-in-1 nail polish remover that goes above and beyond just removing your manicure. This award-winning formula cleanses, preps, and conditions nails all in one simple step. We were impressed with everything it can do for our nails!

The remover worked quickly and easily to dissolve several layers of polish, including glitter, with minimal rubbing. Our nails were left super clean without any staining or residue. It didn’t dry out or irritate our skin either.

But the real magic is what Remove Plus does for your nails. It contains moisturizing ingredients like jojoba oil and vitamin E to hydrate and nourish nails. Our nails were left noticeably softer and smoother after use. The formula also prepares and primes nails to help polish adhere better and last longer.

With most removers, you have to moisturize nails afterward. But Remove Plus combines a great remover with nourishment and prep. It saves time while making our nails look and feel healthier. The value can’t be beat!

For fuss-free removal, polished prep, and conditioning care all in one, Zoya Remove Plus is a triple threat. Our new go-to for all things nails!

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We’ve tried our fair share of nail polish removers over the years, and most leave our nails feeling dry and damaged. We decided to give the Mineral Fusion Nail Polish Remover a try since it’s acetone-free and promised to remove polish without drying out nails. We’re happy to say it delivers!

This remover easily took off several layers of dark, glittery polish without any harsh scrubbing or soaking. We just needed a couple cotton balls to remove everything cleanly. It even got off a week-old gel manicure without a problem! Our nails were left looking healthy instead of stripped.

The formula is gentle but still effective at removing every trace of color. And we love that it’s acetone-free so there’s no nasty odor or drying effects on our nails. It’s really a win-win. Now we don’t have to choose between thoroughly removing polish and keeping our nails in good condition.

We highly recommend this remover, especially if you change your nail color frequently or use long-lasting polishes. It’s effective yet gentle enough for regular use. We’ll definitely be purchasing again once we go through this bottle!

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Forget about spending time and money at the salon for gel manicure removal. The Cutex Gel Nail Polish Remover takes off the toughest gel polish right from our own home!

This remover has serious muscle when it comes to eliminating every trace of UV gel polish. Just a few wipes completely removed a 2-week-old gel mani with no foil wraps or soaking required. It even powered through glitter gels quickly. Our nails were squeaky clean without any staining.

While it tackles gel polish with pro-level strength, the formula is surprisingly gentle on nails. It contains conditioning oils like apricot kernel oil to hydrate nails and cuticles as we remove polish. We didn’t experience any dryness or irritation. Plus it has a light cucumber scent that adds to the spa-like experience.

Removing gels is usually a hassle, but this Cutex remover makes it as easy as taking off regular polish. No wonder it’s a top seller! The salon-quality results at a fraction of the time and cost have made this our new go-to for at-home gel removal and maintenance. Our wallets and nails are both thanking us.

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Sally Hansen’s Moisturizing Nail Polish Remover doesn’t just take off nail lacquer – it also nourishes nails in the process. We’ve been impressed with how this remover leaves our nails looking and feeling healthier.

The salon-inspired formula quickly dissolves several layers of polish, including glitters and dark shades that usually require more effort to remove. It wipes away cleanly without drying, irritating, or stripping our nails and cuticles.

What makes this remover stand out is the essential nutrients infused into the formula. Ingredients like vitamin E, aloe, and olive oil moisturize and soften nails as it removes polish. After use, our nails are left smooth, strong, and hydrated.

We also notice less peeling and breakage thanks to the nourishing qualities of this remover. It restores weak, damaged nails to a healthier condition over time.

For easy, nourishing removal, Sally Hansen’s Moisturizing Polish Remover is a reliable choice. Our nails look better with continued use, so we don’t have to sacrifice appearance for convenience. This is a remover that cares for nails as much as it cares about removing polish.

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When we need to remove even the most stubborn nail polish, the Onyx Professional 100% Pure Acetone Nail Polish Remover gets the job done. This maximum strength remover lives up to its salon pedigree.

No polish stands a chance against this 100% acetone formula – not even gel, acrylics, glue, or chunky glitters. It quickly breaks down and lifts off layers of color with minimal effort. Our nails are left completely clean and ready for a fresh manicure, with no staining or residue.

While it has professional power, it’s not harsh on the skin or nails. The remover doesn’t dry out or irritate, though we still recommend following up with cuticle oil or moisturizer. The 16 oz bottle also lasts a satisfyingly long time.

For removing any type of manicure, this Onyx remover is an acetone ace. The salon-quality formula makes DIY removal just as fast and simple. No need to pay for a professional removal ever again! Our nails and wallets are happy.

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For a nail polish remover that actually cares for nails, we recommend trying Nailtopia’s Fresh Avocado formula. This acetone-free remover is gentle yet effective at removing regular lacquer and nourishing nails at the same time.

The remover easily breaks down and lifts away polish, even darker shades, without harsh scrubbing or soaking. Our nails are left clean and ready for a fresh manicure. What we really love is how the avocado oil and minerals strengthen nails and cuticles while removing old polish. No more dry, damaged nails after removal!

We also appreciate that Nailtopia is Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free and vegan. The formula uses only nourishing plant-based ingredients. It’s better for our nails and aligns with our ethics.

For a remover that effectively eliminates lacquer while making nails look healthier, Nailtopia’s Fresh Avocado is a winner. Our nails stay strong and moisturized with continued use. We love that it removes polish the gentle, nourishing way.

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butter LONDON’s Nail Scrubbers make removing polish and caring for nails easy, even on-the-go. These 2-in-1 wipes clean off lacquer and prep nails in one simple swipe.

The textured side instantly lifts away every trace of color and glitter from all 10 nails without any damage or drying. Then the soft side conditions nails, thanks to the remover formula enriched with vitamins and aloe vera. Our nails are left perfectly clean and nourished.

We love the mess-free removal these wipes provide, especially when traveling or doing quick changes. No cotton balls, foil, acetone odor, or drying time needed. Just wipe and go!

The individually wrapped wipes stay moist and effective for whenever we need them. And the hydrating nutrients keep our nails healthy with regular use.

For easy, nourishing removal wherever life takes you, butter LONDON’s Nail Scrubbers are a handbag essential. Quick polish changes have never been so simple!

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